Table Rentals

White Table Rentals

White Folding Tables are available in 6ft and 8ft Rectangular. The 6ft table is $5 and the 8ft tables are $6

White Round Tables are $7.50, available in 60″ and fit 8-10 people comfortably.

Children’s Tables

White Children’s Tables – 6ft ($7) and 8ft Option ($8)

Brown Children’s Round Table – Smaller Round Table (2.5/3Ft) – $6


Table Covers are available for all tables, 6ft & 8ft Table Covers are $5.

Round table covers are $7, and we have multiple colors available.

Cocktail Table

$7 Table Rental – Bar Stools $2 Each

Bar Table

$30 Table Rental – 2 Tier Table – 6ft